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How To Use Corporate Catering Services

Everyone loves a delicious catered meal. Whether you’re getting good old fashioned barbeque, fan favorite tacos, or something a little more unique, catered meals have a little something for everyone. When it comes to the corporate world, catering services can do a lot of good for all kinds of businesses, both big and small. But what are the best ways to use corporate catering services? In today’s blog, Pour la France!, the best corporate catering company in Denver, will go over some of the best ways you can use corporate catering services to help grow your company.

Corporate Lunch Catering

Do you have a huge meeting or presentation coming up around lunch time that you want people to show up for and be a part of? Getting the word everywhere can only do so much to draw people in. Sometimes, you need an ace up your sleeve in order to encourage attendance and participation. Lunch catering can be just the thing to get people to meetings, or give them the fuel they need to participate and interact with presenters in order to create a better atmosphere during the presentation. While bribing your employees to do something isn’t something we’re suggesting, offering a professionally catered meal at your next meeting or presentation is a great way to fill seats and get people to participate.

Corporate Party Catering

Corporate parties are a great way to have employees get together in order to build comradery and celebrate certain accomplishments. Whether you’re having your party at your office, in the same building, or at a completely different location, having custom catering services at your corporate event is a great way to both liven things up and help people come together. Just about every party is made even better with amazing food, and allowing people to unwind with coworkers and their favorite snacks or a hearty meal is a great way to boost morale after stressful work.

Holiday Party Catering

Holiday parties are some of the most well looked forward to events in the corporate world. No matter what kind of business you’re in, chances are you have some kind of party around the holidays to celebrate the hard work everyone’s put in as well as the achievements of the company at the end of the year. Holiday parties are a time to celebrate everything the year had to offer while also getting ready for the new year to start. Everyone loves a good holiday party, and everyone loves to eat amazing food around the holidays. That makes custom holiday party catering a must as people will love catching up with their coworkers over food and drinks.

When you need corporate event catering in Denver, be sure to come to the best catering company at Pour la France! We can create custom catering menus for events, meetings, presentations, and more. View our catering menus online, learn more about our Denver catering company, or contact Pour la France! to get started on your custom corporate catering today.

Corporate Catering That Fits Into Your Wellness Program

Corporate Catering That Fits Into Your Wellness Program

Helping your employees stick to a company wellness program can be difficult. After working countless hours, it’s hard for many of us to  want to take the time to prepare and eat healthy options. At work, it’s easy to just go next door and grab a burger or giant burrito on your lunch break, making things easier for us by helping us to not have to think or worry about what we’re eating. When your employees are part of a corporate wellness program, simplicity and healthy often don’t go hand in hand. Here at Pour la France!, the best catering company in Denver, we offer high-quality, healthy options that are perfect for all kinds of corporate wellness programs.

Box Lunch Options

Here at Pour la France!, we have some of the best box lunch options around. This makes us perfect for all kinds of company lunches or presentations, especially for companies that are sticking to a corporate wellness program. We have a variety of healthy catering options that are perfect for meat eaters, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. Choose from some of our most popular sandwiches, like our California Turkey, Chicken Tarragon Baguette, and Beef & Bleu Wrap, or select some of our more unique wraps and heros, such as our Turkey & Dill Havarti sandwich, Santa Fe Wrap, or our Spring Veggie Wrap. You can even choose healthy sides, like our Asian Super Slaw, pasta salad, or our sweet potato, black bean & quinoa salad.

We also have healthy salad options that are made to fit just about every diet. With classic salads like our Caesar Salad, Cobb Salad, and Caprese Salad, you’re sure to find salad favorites that anyone can enjoy. Pour la France! also has unique salad creations for those that have a more adventurous palate. The Mixed-Berry Feta Salad, Pepitas, Pomegranate & Chicken Salad, and the Honey Smoked Salmon Salad will be sure to satisfy even the most daring of taste buds. You can even add special a la carte options, like avocado, fire roasted chicken, grilled steak, smoked salmon, and more as toppings for your salads.

For those with dietary restrictions, the experts at Pour la France! can offer most of our sandwiches and salads in gluten-free forms. This will not only give your employees healthy, great tasting lunch options, but you’ll also help your employees stick with your company’s corporate wellness program. Choose the best options for employees, or let them select their favorites from our box lunch catering menu. Giving your employees variety will give them tons of healthy options to choose from.

Buffet Menu

Looking to reward your employees for their hard work and dedication to the company? A buffet style lunch is a great way to let your employees know that you appreciate them and all that they do for the company. Choose from one of our healthy, premade catering menus, or go with our a la carte option and choose dishes that sound great to you. Here at Pour la France!, we have something for everyone as well as menus for all sorts of occasions. Pick our Breakfast Buffet Menu with healthy breakfast options like eggs, quinoa bowls, greek yogurt, oatmeal, and more. You can also add things like waffles, French toast, and stuffed croissants for a special treat.

Like our box lunch catering menu, our buffet menu also sports several healthy salad options that are perfect for corporate wellness programs. You can also include things like chicken, steak, salmon, and tofu as a side to go on top of any of our salads. We also have healthy sandwich and wrap bars. Pick some of our most popular or unique sandwich and wrap options for your employees, or you can choose to build your own sandwich bar. Most of our buffet menus can be customized to fit certain diets and can come with gluten-free options as well.

If you’re looking for the best corporate catering in Denver, then look no further than Pour la France! No matter what kind of catering you get from Pour la France!, you’re sure to get all-natural, healthy food for all of your employees that can fit any corporate wellness program. View all of our catering menus, learn more about us, or contact Pour la France! to get a quote for your custom catering today.

Five Unique Corporate Party Themes

Planning a corporate party can be an incredibly difficult endeavor. You’re juggling so many different items while trying to run your business like normal that sometimes you think that you finally might just go crazy. Sometimes even just coming up with the initial theme of the party is hard enough to do. Do you go with what’s always worked in the past, or do you try to branch out and use a theme that’s truly unique? In today’s blog, Pour la France!, the best catering company in Denver, will go over a few unique party themes you could implement in your next corporate party or event that are sure to be memorable and HR friendly.

1 – Office Olympics

Everyone loves the Olympics. Every country and nation around the world goes wild for the global sporting competitions. Every two years, or four if you’re only a fan of one of the seasons, we get to see our country go up against the best athletes of other countries. So it only makes sense that this would be the perfect corporate party theme. Create events like an office bike race, ping pong tournaments, or a funny work skit competition. Getting everyone together to compete in fun events is also a great team building exercise that will help bring your employees closer together.

2 – Decade Parties

Everyone has a certain string of years they hold near and dear to their heart. For some, maybe it’s the cheesy movies that came out during the 80s, for others it could be the rise of the grunge scene during the 90s. Choose a specific time, or put it to a vote and have everyone in the company choose their favorite decade. No matter what decade you pick, everyone is sure to find something they love, whether it’s a certain hairstyle or a memorable fashion trend. These types of parties are sure to bring out people’s creativity and will help people who may not usually interact with each other to get to know one another.

3 – Uncelebrated Holidays

For every fourth of July or Thanksgiving, there’s a National Talk Like A Pirate Day or National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Reward your employees with a wild party that goes along with an obscure holiday theme. Maybe have an Arbor Day themed party with foliage and tree themed decorations. Or throw a Be Nice To Jersey Party, where the theme of the party is New Jersey and everyone has to dress up as their favorite New Jerseyan. No matter what obscure holiday you choose, you’re sure to find one that everyone will find fun.

4 – Talent Show

Each and every one of your employees has a talent they absolutely love to show off. The problem is, they don’t always have the time or availability to show it off in the office. Holding a company wide talent show is a great way to help your employees come out of their shells and show off their special skills. Let everyone partake in the event, or have teams come up with and show off a talent they’ve worked on together. Either way, your employees are sure to have a fun time while also getting to know each other better. After the talent show, throw a company party to celebrate everyone’s hard work that month or year.

5 – Around The World

For this theme, simply pick a location, say Ireland, Egypt, Mexico, or Australia, and make it the theme of your next corporate party. Celebrate each culture with appropriately themed decorations, backdrops, costumes, and food. Do your research on the destination you pick in order to make your corporate party as accurate and classy as possible. Take your employees around the world for a magical evening they’re sure to remember forever.

Pour la France! can help make any corporate party even better with custom catering options made just for your company. When you need corporate catering in Denver, be sure to get the best catering company in Colorado at Pour la France! Learn more about our catering company, view our custom catering menus, or contact Pour la France! to answer any questions and to get a free estimate on your custom catering today.

Five Ways To Reward Your Employees

Your employees work hard every single day. Throughout the year, they’re doing everything they can in order to help benefit the company. You pay them well, give them benefits and incentives, but you’d still like to reward them a little more for all of the hard work they do for you. There are several ways you can reward your employees, but what are a few things or activities they’d really like? In today’s blog, Pour la France!, the best catering company in Denver, will go over some of the best things you can do for your employees in order to reward them for all of their hard work.

1 – Give Them The Day Off

No matter how much your employees love their job, they will love having the day off of work even more. Giving your employees a surprise day off will give them time to do the leisurely activities they enjoy doing away from work. They’ll be able to spend time with family or friends, take a weekend trip away, finally get their home improvement ideas started or finished, or anything else they’d like to do. Giving your employees the day off will boost the overall moral of your company, which will encourage your employees to work even harder when the come back. If you can, consider giving your employees the day off as a reward for work well done.

2 – Order Them Lunch

Everyone loves free stuff, especially free meals. Ordering lunch for your employees will not only give them something to look forward to in the middle of the day, it will give them a nutritious and delicious meal they didn’t have to buy or make. Convenience and quality aren’t often combined, but when you order lunch for your employees from the top-rated catering company in Denver, you’ll get both with a simple call to Pour la France! Choose between several healthy options, drinks, and even delicious desserts. We have a great lunch catering menu filled with nutritious options that are perfect for any diet.

3 – Take Them To A Sporting Event

Sports are a great way to bring people together. Whether your employees are avid sports fans, or they just want to have a fun night out with coworkers and family, a sporting event is a great reward for hard work. Most of the time, teams and stadiums will give discounts on tickets if you buy in bulk or if you’re a company or group that’s buying a lot of tickets, helping you save money on something that’s highly beneficial for your business and employees. Seeing everyone in a social setting will help everyone get to know each other better and build bonds that will only strengthen your company afterwards.

4 – Throw A Party

Did your company make goal for the month or year? Throwing a party to celebrate everyone’s hard work is a great way to reward your employees. Not only does a party allow everyone to dress up and see each other outside of work in a fun setting, but it let’s you properly thank everyone for their great work as well as celebrate those who may stand out from the rest. Make your work party even more memorable with corporate catering from Pour la France! Make a custom buffet menu from our delicious options to create the perfect party spread. Your employees will have a great time and will return to work even happier the next work day.

5 – Have A Theme Week

Themed weeks are fun ways to bring the silly side out of all of your employees, helping them feel more comfortable. Have a dress up day, or maybe everyone wears their favorite sports team’s jersey or colors. Pick a different theme every day that week, then end with a big party on Friday. Add great food, like custom catering from Pour la France!, and decorations and you’re sure to give your employees a great time.

When you need the best corporate catering in Denver, be sure to go to Pour la France! We offer delicious custom catering options for parties of all kinds. Learn more about us, view our catering menus, or contact Pour la France! today to get a custom quote for your catering services.

The Benefits Of Having Your Corporate Event Catered

There’s nothing quite like a corporate party to bring people together. Whether it’s a work party to celebrate the end of the year, or a corporate event designed to help inform your employees about upcoming features and products, these gatherings are often well attended. While most of these corporate parties and events usually have everyone anticipating them, there’s one sure-fire way to get even more people to attend your event: provide a great selection of food. In today’s blog, Pour la France!, the best catering company in Denver, will go over some of the benefits you’re sure to reap when you have your corporate event professionally catered.

Expert Planning

Large events call for a lot of planning. The more people there are going to be at an event, the more planning is required by those that are hosting or putting on the event. This can be an incredibly stressful scenario for a company, especially when you still have to perform normal work duties on top of planning for your event. Do you go with Italian or barbeque? Do you offer buffet style or a more formal dinner? What about alcohol and everything that comes with serving that? These questions and more will circle your head about a million times before the event date. A professional caterer can not only help you decide on what to serve and how to serve it, but where to set everything up and how everything will work best in the venue you’re hosting in.

Professional caterers will also have knowledge and experience with proper food handling, food preparation, and serving. Responsible food handling demands that those that cook and serve the food have specific knowledge and experience in order to heavily reduce the risk of undercooked food and cross contamination with other foods. Sometimes this process can be overlooked by those that aren’t professional caterers, which can lead to your guests becoming sick. On top of this, a great professional caterer will be able to help you figure out what you need to do in order to serve alcohol at your event.

Food Options

Not everyone likes the same types of foods. Some people may not enjoy a veggie platter, while others choose not to partake in any kind of meat. A good catering company will have numerous dish options for you to choose from. Choose a theme, like barbeque or Mexican food, or pick several different options that will please everyone who shows up to the event. Whether you want a simple box lunch for everyone or a classy three course meal, you’ll be able to find something that everyone loves when you hire a professional caterer.

You can even customize your order to include special dishes. For instance, if you want to include vegan, gluten free, or special diet-friendly items, a professional catering company will be able to help you pick out the best options for your event. If you have any allergy restrictions you need addressed, then a caterer will be able to include dishes that stay away from those specific allergies. Along those lines, your caterer will be able to include ingredients or allergy warnings on your dishes so no one accidentally eats anything that may harm them.

Great Impressions and Reduced Stress

You want to make a great impression, not just with potential clients and customers, but with employees, families, and friends. Professional caterers know exactly how to set everything up in order to present you and your company in a highly positive light. From the presentation to the dishes themselves, your caterer will help represent you in the best way possible. They’ll also take a large portion of stress off your shoulders by helping you plan, set up, serve, and clean everything up afterwards. Caterers know you have a lot going on, that’s why they go above and beyond to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

If you’re looking for the best corporate catering services in Denver, then look no further than Pour la France! We offer some of the most delicious dining options as well as the best catering services in the Mile High City. Learn more about Pour la France!, view our catering menus to see what we can do for you, or contact us to get started on your next catering project today.