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There’s nothing quite like a corporate party to bring people together. Whether it’s a work party to celebrate the end of the year, or a corporate event designed to help inform your employees about upcoming features and products, these gatherings are often well attended. While most of these corporate parties and events usually have everyone anticipating them, there’s one sure-fire way to get even more people to attend your event: provide a great selection of food. In today’s blog, Pour la France!, the best catering company in Denver, will go over some of the benefits you’re sure to reap when you have your corporate event professionally catered.

Expert Planning

Large events call for a lot of planning. The more people there are going to be at an event, the more planning is required by those that are hosting or putting on the event. This can be an incredibly stressful scenario for a company, especially when you still have to perform normal work duties on top of planning for your event. Do you go with Italian or barbeque? Do you offer buffet style or a more formal dinner? What about alcohol and everything that comes with serving that? These questions and more will circle your head about a million times before the event date. A professional caterer can not only help you decide on what to serve and how to serve it, but where to set everything up and how everything will work best in the venue you’re hosting in.

Professional caterers will also have knowledge and experience with proper food handling, food preparation, and serving. Responsible food handling demands that those that cook and serve the food have specific knowledge and experience in order to heavily reduce the risk of undercooked food and cross contamination with other foods. Sometimes this process can be overlooked by those that aren’t professional caterers, which can lead to your guests becoming sick. On top of this, a great professional caterer will be able to help you figure out what you need to do in order to serve alcohol at your event.

Food Options

Not everyone likes the same types of foods. Some people may not enjoy a veggie platter, while others choose not to partake in any kind of meat. A good catering company will have numerous dish options for you to choose from. Choose a theme, like barbeque or Mexican food, or pick several different options that will please everyone who shows up to the event. Whether you want a simple box lunch for everyone or a classy three course meal, you’ll be able to find something that everyone loves when you hire a professional caterer.

You can even customize your order to include special dishes. For instance, if you want to include vegan, gluten free, or special diet-friendly items, a professional catering company will be able to help you pick out the best options for your event. If you have any allergy restrictions you need addressed, then a caterer will be able to include dishes that stay away from those specific allergies. Along those lines, your caterer will be able to include ingredients or allergy warnings on your dishes so no one accidentally eats anything that may harm them.

Great Impressions and Reduced Stress

You want to make a great impression, not just with potential clients and customers, but with employees, families, and friends. Professional caterers know exactly how to set everything up in order to present you and your company in a highly positive light. From the presentation to the dishes themselves, your caterer will help represent you in the best way possible. They’ll also take a large portion of stress off your shoulders by helping you plan, set up, serve, and clean everything up afterwards. Caterers know you have a lot going on, that’s why they go above and beyond to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

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