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Planning a corporate party can be an incredibly difficult endeavor. You’re juggling so many different items while trying to run your business like normal that sometimes you think that you finally might just go crazy. Sometimes even just coming up with the initial theme of the party is hard enough to do. Do you go with what’s always worked in the past, or do you try to branch out and use a theme that’s truly unique? In today’s blog, Pour la France!, the best catering company in Denver, will go over a few unique party themes you could implement in your next corporate party or event that are sure to be memorable and HR friendly.

1 – Office Olympics

Everyone loves the Olympics. Every country and nation around the world goes wild for the global sporting competitions. Every two years, or four if you’re only a fan of one of the seasons, we get to see our country go up against the best athletes of other countries. So it only makes sense that this would be the perfect corporate party theme. Create events like an office bike race, ping pong tournaments, or a funny work skit competition. Getting everyone together to compete in fun events is also a great team building exercise that will help bring your employees closer together.

2 – Decade Parties

Everyone has a certain string of years they hold near and dear to their heart. For some, maybe it’s the cheesy movies that came out during the 80s, for others it could be the rise of the grunge scene during the 90s. Choose a specific time, or put it to a vote and have everyone in the company choose their favorite decade. No matter what decade you pick, everyone is sure to find something they love, whether it’s a certain hairstyle or a memorable fashion trend. These types of parties are sure to bring out people’s creativity and will help people who may not usually interact with each other to get to know one another.

3 – Uncelebrated Holidays

For every fourth of July or Thanksgiving, there’s a National Talk Like A Pirate Day or National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Reward your employees with a wild party that goes along with an obscure holiday theme. Maybe have an Arbor Day themed party with foliage and tree themed decorations. Or throw a Be Nice To Jersey Party, where the theme of the party is New Jersey and everyone has to dress up as their favorite New Jerseyan. No matter what obscure holiday you choose, you’re sure to find one that everyone will find fun.

4 – Talent Show

Each and every one of your employees has a talent they absolutely love to show off. The problem is, they don’t always have the time or availability to show it off in the office. Holding a company wide talent show is a great way to help your employees come out of their shells and show off their special skills. Let everyone partake in the event, or have teams come up with and show off a talent they’ve worked on together. Either way, your employees are sure to have a fun time while also getting to know each other better. After the talent show, throw a company party to celebrate everyone’s hard work that month or year.

5 – Around The World

For this theme, simply pick a location, say Ireland, Egypt, Mexico, or Australia, and make it the theme of your next corporate party. Celebrate each culture with appropriately themed decorations, backdrops, costumes, and food. Do your research on the destination you pick in order to make your corporate party as accurate and classy as possible. Take your employees around the world for a magical evening they’re sure to remember forever.

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