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Catering Menu Spotlight – Fall Flavors

Look around, the leaves are a fiery mix of orange, red, and brown, and we’ve already been hit with our first snow. There’s no doubt about it, Denver—fall is officially upon us. If you’re hosting a social or corporate event during this wonderful time of the year, why not serve your guest some fall-inspired recipes? At Pour La France! Catering we are offering our clients a special fall flavor catering menu.

Read on to learn about some of our favorite fall dishes.

Pumpkin Spice French Toast

Pumpkin Spice French Toast

Imagine attending a morning conference, walking in from a brisk fall morning and finding out that the event coordinator is not only serving hot, freshly brewed coffee but also a heaping tray of Pumpkin Spice French Toast. Sound like a perfect fall morning? We think so, too—it’s why we are showcasing this seasonal treat. This season treat includes slices of French baguettes dipped in pumpkin spice egg batter, dusted with powdered sugar, and finished with a dollop of pumpkin butter.

Sweet Potato, Black Bean, Quinoa Wrap

If you have an upcoming conference, office party, or some other social event, chances are there’ll be a few vegetarians in attendance. When planning your catered lunch, it’s important to accommodate to their dietary needs. However, keep in mind that you can address this need while also satisfying the hunger of even the staunchest carnivores. This is what we seek to do with our newest, fall flavor wrap. We take roasted sweet potatoes, quinoa, black beans, green onions, cilantro, shredded broccoli, kohlrabi, kale, brussels sprouts, golden beets, carrots, and red cabbage tossed in lime vinaigrette and wrap it in a garlic herb tortilla. It’s not only a perfect fall dish, but when added to a box lunch, you can impress your guests and show them what out-of-the-box box lunch catering is all about.

Pear, Roquefort & Pecan Spinach Salad

This is a quintessential fall salad with ingredients that will engage all your fall cravings—pecans, pears, bleu cheese, etc. We can also add your choice of protein—chicken, salmon, steak, prosciutto, or avocado. It would work great when coupled with a main entree like this Applewood Smoked Ham Buffet, which comes with cornbread stuffing and green bean amandine. Contact your go-to catering company today to arrange for us to bring this fall food spread to your next Denver event.

Savory Butternut Squash Bisque

Fall food is nearly synonymous with hearty soups. If you have an upcoming event, be sure to add a rich and tasty soup to your catering menu. This elegant autumnal soup may be the perfect option. This bisque combines savory butternut squash with balanced notes of curry and ginger. And to accentuate the fall-ness of the bisque, we pair it with our pear-cranberry relish.

Pumpkin Trifle

There are few items that scream fall more than pumpkins. And the wonderful thing about these autumn staples is that they are incredibly versatile. When added to a cake, for example, you not only have a season-appropriate treat, but you also get a delicious dessert. Our Pumpkin Trifle is just that. Topped with pumpkin mousse and maple-soaked ladyfingers and finished with cinnamon cream, it is sure to elevate your fall event.

Looking for a delectable fall treat that doesn’t include pumpkin? We’ve got you covered on that front, too. How about Caramel Apple Bars, consisting of tart granny smith apples covered in granola shortbread and custard and topped with a caramel drizzle?

For more cool-weather classics, check out our entire fall catering menu here. And remember, if you’re looking for an exceptional Denver catering company, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need hot buffet catering for a social event or holiday catering for a corporate event, we have the food to elevate any occasion. Start customizing your menu today!

5 Unique Denver Venues – Pt. II

If you stumbled upon this page, chances are you are in the process of planning your next big event. If this is your situation, you’re in luck. We already mentioned five of our favorite spots in our last blog, and with this post, we thought we would build upon the list and offer five more spots to hold your next corporate event.

And remember, if you have yet to book a catering company for your big day, look no further than Pour La France Catering! From breakfast to BBQ lunches to gourmet dinners, our first-rate catering menu has something for every event. Check out our full menu here.

Read on to learn about five of Denver’s best places to hold a corporate event.

1st Bank Center

Located in Broomfield, Colorado, this massive venue can hold up to 6,500 people, making it perfect for arena-sized events like concerts, performances, and sporting events. They offer flexible layout options, including an outdoor patio, as well as VIP suites, and they have smaller breakout rooms that are perfect for smaller events—between 50 to 520 guests. Learn more about the 1st Bank Center and their venue specifics here.

Clock Tower Events

Offering guests stunning, panoramic views of downtown Denver, this event space is a unique option for a group of up to 150 people. They are centrally located in the historic Clock Tower—known as Daniels and Fisher Tower—and they have five floors, which allows them to offer a wide array of event setups and layouts. Learn more about their corporate events here, and remember if you’ve yet to book some delicious catering, don’t hesitate to contact Denver’s go-to catering company, Pour La France!


Howl at the Moon

Whether you need two tables or the entire venue, Howl at the Moon is a great venue choice for a private or semi-private corporate party, night out, or social event. Their corporate-friendly, yet cheerful, environment provides a unique opportunity for your guests to relax, loosen up, and have a good time. Included in the booking is live music and ample space to dance and howl the night away. The maximum number of people is 375. Read more about their event options here, and check out this video to see their events in action.


Located in the heart of downtown Denver, this venue can transform from a live-music hot spot to an event space perfect for corporate parties, reunions, holiday gatherings, and much more. The site can hold up to 300 people and included with the rental of the venue is a well-equipped stage with a state-of-the-art sound system and lighting. Learn more about this venue here. You can also take a tour of the venue via this video.

Denver Field House Event Venue

Just 300 ft from Mile High Stadium, this event space has more than a great, central location. It also includes awesome panoramic views, a wrap-around bar, high ceilings, and a private parking lot. The 3,800 sq. ft open space can hold up to 317 people, making it perfect for weddings, meetings, reunions, and corporate social events. Click here to learn more. And since you’re so close to Mile High, what better catering choice than a Broncos Buffet Package?

If you are in the process of planning your big, upcoming event here in Denver, don’t forget to contact one of the best Denver catering services. We specialize in social and corporate catering and have an expansive menu that is sure to elevate every event. Start customizing your perfect menu today!


5 Unique Denver Venues – Pt. I

So it’s official. Your big event is going to take place. You’ve got the idea, the month, the theme, the guest list, but you still have yet to find the perfect location. If this sounds like your situation, don’t worry—we’re here to help. To assist you on your search, we have compiled this list of our favorites venues to host a private or corporate event in Denver.

And remember, if you have yet to book a catering company for your big day, look no further than Pour La France Catering! From breakfast to BBQ lunches to gourmet dinners, our first-rate catering menu has something for every event. Check out our full catering services here.

Read on to learn about five of our favorite Denver places to hold an event.

The Hudson Gardens

With 30 acres of picturesque natural beauty and spaces for both outdoor and indoor ceremonies, The Hudson Gardens and Event Center can accommodate nearly any event for guests of any age. In addition to having a large canopy and lush oval garden, they also have towering trees, picnic areas, walking trails, and abundant wildlife. They are open 365 days a year and can accommodate up to 175 guests. Click here for more information on availability, pricing, and other details.

Butterfly Pavilion

Located just 15 minutes north of Denver and 20 minutes south of Boulder, the Butterfly Pavilion is a great option for those looking to add some adventure to their next event. With the rental of the space, you get access to an indoor tropical rainforest that is home to 1,600 butterflies, as well as plenty of space and opportunity to add a distinct and exotic feel to your event. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, birthday party, nonprofit gala, or wedding, their unique facility can cater to your needs. And as an added bonus, all proceeds support their mission of conserving threatened habitats around the world. Learn more here.

And if you want to truly elevate your event with some delectable hors-d’oeuvres or scrumptious hot buffet items, be sure to contact Pour La France! Catering today! Check out our full menu here!

Innovation Pavillion

With a tagline like “Your place to innovate,” it’s no surprise that this space is customizable and perfect for companies. Hosting mostly entrepreneurial events, this unique venue often functions as an alternative to a home office or a collaborative space for your staff. If you’d like to learn more or reserve your meeting space, click here


The Falls Event Center

With patios that offer panoramic views of the Rockies and over 12,000 square feet of outdoor and indoor space, The Falls Event Center is well-equipped to host intimate gatherings and large corporate events, as well as weddings, baby showers, reunions, high school proms, and seemingly everything in between. Learn more here. And if you’re considering their Brunch With a View package, contact us for some delicious brunch options.

Space Gallery

Perfect for private and corporate events, this 4,000 square foot facility is located in the Denver’s Art District. If you’re looking for a spot with a contemporary feel that is sure to impress lovers of art and modern architecture, look no further than the Space Gallery. The gallery can accommodate up to 300 guests. Learn more about the Space Gallery here. And if you need some sophisticated catering to complement the elegance of the space—perhaps some ceviche shooters and bacon wrapped water chestnuts—look no further than Pour La France! Catering.  

As one of Denver’s top catering companies, we have the food to elevate your event. Start customizing your menu today!