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Your employees work hard every single day. Throughout the year, they’re doing everything they can in order to help benefit the company. You pay them well, give them benefits and incentives, but you’d still like to reward them a little more for all of the hard work they do for you. There are several ways you can reward your employees, but what are a few things or activities they’d really like? In today’s blog, Pour la France!, the best catering company in Denver, will go over some of the best things you can do for your employees in order to reward them for all of their hard work.

1 – Give Them The Day Off

No matter how much your employees love their job, they will love having the day off of work even more. Giving your employees a surprise day off will give them time to do the leisurely activities they enjoy doing away from work. They’ll be able to spend time with family or friends, take a weekend trip away, finally get their home improvement ideas started or finished, or anything else they’d like to do. Giving your employees the day off will boost the overall moral of your company, which will encourage your employees to work even harder when the come back. If you can, consider giving your employees the day off as a reward for work well done.

2 – Order Them Lunch

Everyone loves free stuff, especially free meals. Ordering lunch for your employees will not only give them something to look forward to in the middle of the day, it will give them a nutritious and delicious meal they didn’t have to buy or make. Convenience and quality aren’t often combined, but when you order lunch for your employees from the top-rated catering company in Denver, you’ll get both with a simple call to Pour la France! Choose between several healthy options, drinks, and even delicious desserts. We have a great lunch catering menu filled with nutritious options that are perfect for any diet.

3 – Take Them To A Sporting Event

Sports are a great way to bring people together. Whether your employees are avid sports fans, or they just want to have a fun night out with coworkers and family, a sporting event is a great reward for hard work. Most of the time, teams and stadiums will give discounts on tickets if you buy in bulk or if you’re a company or group that’s buying a lot of tickets, helping you save money on something that’s highly beneficial for your business and employees. Seeing everyone in a social setting will help everyone get to know each other better and build bonds that will only strengthen your company afterwards.

4 – Throw A Party

Did your company make goal for the month or year? Throwing a party to celebrate everyone’s hard work is a great way to reward your employees. Not only does a party allow everyone to dress up and see each other outside of work in a fun setting, but it let’s you properly thank everyone for their great work as well as celebrate those who may stand out from the rest. Make your work party even more memorable with corporate catering from Pour la France! Make a custom buffet menu from our delicious options to create the perfect party spread. Your employees will have a great time and will return to work even happier the next work day.

5 – Have A Theme Week

Themed weeks are fun ways to bring the silly side out of all of your employees, helping them feel more comfortable. Have a dress up day, or maybe everyone wears their favorite sports team’s jersey or colors. Pick a different theme every day that week, then end with a big party on Friday. Add great food, like custom catering from Pour la France!, and decorations and you’re sure to give your employees a great time.

When you need the best corporate catering in Denver, be sure to go to Pour la France! We offer delicious custom catering options for parties of all kinds. Learn more about us, view our catering menus, or contact Pour la France! today to get a custom quote for your catering services.