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Event Planning Tips—Entertaining All Ages

So it’s official—your event has a date and is officially on the books. Congratulations! However, as you likely already know (or are quickly figuring out) party planning is no easy feat. Simply picking the date and sending out the invitations is just the beginning of what will become the long, potentially stressful process of reservations, decoration choices, seating arrangements, equipment rentals, catering, and a myriad of other decisions that can feel overwhelming. In today’s blog, we at Pour la France! Catering are going to address one key aspect of party planning: entertaining guests of all ages (also, as one of Denver’s best catering companies, we also might have to mention the importance of treating your guests to delicious catering).

Entertaining Toddlers

If you are hosting a social event, like say a picnic or social gathering for all ages, it is important to have some ways of entertaining everyone, especially the kids. We’ve all witnessed the intensity of a toddler meltdown and how—to be frank—distracting and annoying they can be. To prevent these meltdowns from happening and to win over the approval of parents, set up some simple games for toddlers. The following are some potential ideas:

  • Bubbles
  • Simon Says
  • Painting
  • Chalk
  • Coloring

Entertaining Children

Though often easier to entertain than toddlers, children who are in the 5 to 12 age group still require entertainment. Plus, an event full of bored children is not in the equation for a successful event. To relieve the pressure placed on parents and to prevent bored children from wandering the facility in search of amusement, try out some of these game ideas:  

  • Duck, Duck, Goose
  • Obstacle Course
  • Hide and Seek
  • Races

Entertaining Teens

It’s fair to say that regardless of the subject or how much thought and time goes into the planning, there are always some people who will roll their eyes at having to attend certain events. Teenagers will almost always be in that group. When trying to entertain teenagers, you will always run into the risk that regardless of how great the event, games, or activities are, they will still be unimpressed. To better your chances of entertaining this reliably hard-to-impress age group, consider giving these following games and activities a try:

Entertaining Adults

Whether you are organizing a corporate event, private party, birthday party, or some other social gathering, it’s good to offer entertainment. Although it’s likely that your guests will be wholly entertained by chatting each other up, we shouldn’t always count on this. Additionally, when you provide your adult guests with some interactive entertainment and games, you help facilitate conversation and relationship building. The following are some game ideas for adults:

  • Giant Jenga
  • Professional Entertainers
  • Volleyball (weather and outdoor space permitting)
  • Casino Night
  • Superb Catering (what adult isn’t entertained by a delicious meal?)

When it comes to entertainment, the options are seemingly endless. These are just a few ideas, and we hope that they have inspired you during your party planning process. Also, just as bad entertainment can spoil the success of an event, so can catering. Delicious catering can turn a mediocre event into an excellent event. If you find yourself online searching “catering Denver”, look no further than Pour la France! Catering. We are one of Denver’s top catering companies with over 25 years of experience. We are passionate about providing superior food, unrivaled service, and above-and-beyond hospitality.

Learn more about us, check out our menu, and contact us to book your catering or with any questions.

What To Look For In A Denver Caterer

When it comes to what can make and what can break an event, very few things are as important as catering. Just as amazing food can elevate an event or even save a shaky one, bad catering can send your guests running to the doors—or, even worse, running for the bathroom. If you are currently feeling the weight of this pressure while looking through the list of potential Denver caterers, you’re in luck—you’ve stumbled on some of the best in Denver, Pour La France! Catering.

From buffet catering to corporate catering, when you enlist our services, you not only get some of the best in Denver catering but you also get a partner who is poised to make your event a success. Relax and leave the food up to us! Contact us today to schedule your catering. View our catering menu here!

There’s a lot riding on your choice. Be sure your chosen caterer demonstrates the following qualities.


When searching and interviewing caterers, pay attention to their responsiveness. This is indicative of how a catering company will perform. If they never return your calls, don’t seem enthused by your potential business, or are unable to answer your questions, you may want to move on to the next option. Almost all caters claim to offer high-quality fresh ingredients, affordable prices, but rarely do they tell you how accessible and responsive they are. Since events are always subject to modifications, it’s important that you find a caterer who demonstrates these qualities, right from the start.


Reviews and recommendations are important factors in the decision-making process. However, they should not be the sole fact upon which your decision is based. Sample the exact dishes and items that you are considering offering to your guest. Sampling is a standard request for caterers, so don’t feel that you are inconveniencing the caterer or being a hassle.  


Not all catering companies are the same. While some may claim that they can cater any event, not all can. When determining what Denver caterers have the experience you need, do some research, ask questions, and find out what they specialize in and if the reputation they have earned is most suited for your event. Be sure to be specific about your plans, goals, food, and expectations. Superior catering companies will be able to answer all of your questions and will have demonstrable success in going beyond standardized menu options and handling most special requests.


Experience doesn’t always translate to superb catering. Or in other words, the oldest Denver caterers are not necessarily the best. However, experience coupled with top-notch chefs, sous chefs, and kitchen staff who have been recognized for their capabilities is more often than not a great indicator. This is a quality that we at Pour La France! Catering pride ourselves on having. With over 25 years of experience and a reputation for being Denver’s go-to catering company, we feel confident in our abilities and in telling our clients to relax and leave the food up to us.


When looking for a Denver caterer, you want to find someone who can lay out all of your options. Tell you exactly what to expect from their services. For example, before entering into an agreement, find out what is included and what is considered an upgrade. You want your chosen catering company to tell you exactly what food, beverages, services, and equipment will be provided on the day of the event and, of course, the price of everything. Don’t leave anything open to interpretation—what will be done with leftovers, the size of the staff, clean up, etc. If your caterer isn’t able to tell you exactly what you should expect, it’s time to move on to the next.

Ready to arrange quality catering for your event? Contact us today to learn more or start customizing your catering menu here. From BBQ to box lunches to holiday catering, Pour La France! Catering is ready to make your event a success.

Getting The Best Possible Quote—Tips From Your Denver Caterers

Ringing up a catering company and asking, “How much is it to cater an event?” is like walking onto the lot of a car dealership and asking, “How much for a car?” To get a real, accurate quote it is essential that you also have the details and specifics of your event. If you leave the caterer with no information, you can’t expect an accurate quote.

To help you get the best quote, we at Pour La France! Catering would like to share with you some information and questions that you can ask yourself before requesting a quote. Contact us today to get your quote from Denver’s go-to catering company.  

How Many Guests Are Coming?

There is a big difference between catering for an event of ten people and an event for 300 people. Having a close estimate as to the number of guests you plan on hosting is vital to determining your quote. Some Denver caterers even offer discounts for larger groups. When discussing the headcount, be sure to ask how the quote will change if, for example, only 100 of the 200 invited guests confirm.

What Type Of Catering Do You Need?

Do you want buffet style catering? Box lunches? Hors-d’oeuvres? Taco bars? BBQ catering? Different types of food and catering styles can require different staffing and skills. Though you don’t have to know exactly what you want when you begin looking for a caterer, to really lock down a price, it, of course, helps to have an idea. Regardless, superb catering companies can leverage their experience and expertise to make solid recommendations based on your desires and the purpose of your event.

What’s The Venue Like?

To get the best catering quote, it helps for your caterer to know where you’re planning on hosting your event. Will it be held in an office space? Residence? Outdoors? Answering this question helps determine what the catering company has to provide, and it will also provide an understanding of any possible restrictions the venue might have.

What’s Your Budget?

Though some may think that discussing your budget with a prospective caterer is a form of tipping your hand, this is not the case. A catering quote is not a negotiation. Caterers have set prices and are not looking to inflate the prices because of your budget. By being honest and direct with your budget expectations, your catering service can begin the collaboration process and help you find services and menus that are suitable for your event. They can suggest alternatives, look for creative solutions, and help to make your expectations a reality.

After you have answered all of these questions—or at least considered them and have an idea for each—you can then move on to the next step: contacting a caterer. When looking through your options of Denver caterers, be sure to check out our catering menu. With over 25 years of experience providing top-notch catering services, we are confident that we can provide the type of food and service that will wow your guests and make your event a success.

Benefits of Hiring A Christmas Catering Service

Christmas is coming! Offices are planning parties, gifts are being bought, out-of-town guests are making travel plans, and event planners are fretting over all the decisions that have to be made. While the season brings all sorts of special gifts and moments, it, unfortunately, doesn’t bring any extra time to those in charge of planning. Rather than spending your precious time and energy developing a menu, gathering and preparing ingredients, and ensuring that all of your guests are treated with exceptional foods, let expert caterers take care of your holiday meals, so you can spend more time relaxing and celebrating.

Contact Pour La France! Catering today to reserve your spot for our holiday catering. With over 25 years of experience, we have earned a reputation for being the best Denver caterers in the business. Start customizing your catering menu today!

Below are some of the advantages of hiring a catering company to handle your holiday celebration.

Delicious Food At A Fair Price

This is perhaps the most important feature of hiring a catering company. When you hire the right caterers to handle your event, you get the promise of having delicious food to serve your guests, and ideally, you get it all for an affordable price. This is a point of pride for us at Pour La France! Catering. We use the finest ingredients, well-crafted recipes, and our passion for hospitality and service to go above and beyond and exceed expectations. And we strive to do it all for the best possible price.

Convenience And Commitment

For those pressed for time or stressed out by the pressure of being responsible for organizing a menu for a holiday party, hiring a catering company offers a convenient opportunity to eliminate this stressor. When you hire a catering service like ours, you not only receive the relief and comfort of convenience, but you also get an experienced team of professionals who are committed to making your event a success.

An Expansive List Of Menu Options

When you hire exceptional caterers to take care of your holiday celebrations, they will work with you to tailor a catering package that works for your event. At Pour La France, for example, we have a range of traditional and unique holiday catering items, like Rocky Mountain Prime Rib Buffet, Pear & Cranberry Stuffed Pork, Pumpkin Trifle, Hot Chocolate Bar, and more! View our holiday menu here.

If you are not sure what dishes will work best for your event, don’t sweat it. We can help. As experienced caterers, we can offer suggestions and the guarantee that we will do what we do best—prepare mouth-watering food for your celebration.

One of the best parts of the holidays is spending time with family and friends. If you’re in charge of the food, it can be hard to truly focus on these good parts. If this sounds like you, reserve the services of Denver’s best catering company. Whether you are feeding 15 people or 100 people, no gathering is too small or big for us to cater. We can handle your family’s Christmas dinner, the meal for your staff, or any other holiday event. Call today to ensure that our Denver caterers are available for your holiday celebration!