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When it comes to what can make and what can break an event, very few things are as important as catering. Just as amazing food can elevate an event or even save a shaky one, bad catering can send your guests running to the doors—or, even worse, running for the bathroom. If you are currently feeling the weight of this pressure while looking through the list of potential Denver caterers, you’re in luck—you’ve stumbled on some of the best in Denver, Pour La France! Catering.

From buffet catering to corporate catering, when you enlist our services, you not only get some of the best in Denver catering but you also get a partner who is poised to make your event a success. Relax and leave the food up to us! Contact us today to schedule your catering. View our catering menu here!

There’s a lot riding on your choice. Be sure your chosen caterer demonstrates the following qualities.


When searching and interviewing caterers, pay attention to their responsiveness. This is indicative of how a catering company will perform. If they never return your calls, don’t seem enthused by your potential business, or are unable to answer your questions, you may want to move on to the next option. Almost all caters claim to offer high-quality fresh ingredients, affordable prices, but rarely do they tell you how accessible and responsive they are. Since events are always subject to modifications, it’s important that you find a caterer who demonstrates these qualities, right from the start.


Reviews and recommendations are important factors in the decision-making process. However, they should not be the sole fact upon which your decision is based. Sample the exact dishes and items that you are considering offering to your guest. Sampling is a standard request for caterers, so don’t feel that you are inconveniencing the caterer or being a hassle.  


Not all catering companies are the same. While some may claim that they can cater any event, not all can. When determining what Denver caterers have the experience you need, do some research, ask questions, and find out what they specialize in and if the reputation they have earned is most suited for your event. Be sure to be specific about your plans, goals, food, and expectations. Superior catering companies will be able to answer all of your questions and will have demonstrable success in going beyond standardized menu options and handling most special requests.


Experience doesn’t always translate to superb catering. Or in other words, the oldest Denver caterers are not necessarily the best. However, experience coupled with top-notch chefs, sous chefs, and kitchen staff who have been recognized for their capabilities is more often than not a great indicator. This is a quality that we at Pour La France! Catering pride ourselves on having. With over 25 years of experience and a reputation for being Denver’s go-to catering company, we feel confident in our abilities and in telling our clients to relax and leave the food up to us.


When looking for a Denver caterer, you want to find someone who can lay out all of your options. Tell you exactly what to expect from their services. For example, before entering into an agreement, find out what is included and what is considered an upgrade. You want your chosen catering company to tell you exactly what food, beverages, services, and equipment will be provided on the day of the event and, of course, the price of everything. Don’t leave anything open to interpretation—what will be done with leftovers, the size of the staff, clean up, etc. If your caterer isn’t able to tell you exactly what you should expect, it’s time to move on to the next.

Ready to arrange quality catering for your event? Contact us today to learn more or start customizing your catering menu here. From BBQ to box lunches to holiday catering, Pour La France! Catering is ready to make your event a success.