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Ringing up a catering company and asking, “How much is it to cater an event?” is like walking onto the lot of a car dealership and asking, “How much for a car?” To get a real, accurate quote it is essential that you also have the details and specifics of your event. If you leave the caterer with no information, you can’t expect an accurate quote.

To help you get the best quote, we at Pour La France! Catering would like to share with you some information and questions that you can ask yourself before requesting a quote. Contact us today to get your quote from Denver’s go-to catering company.  

How Many Guests Are Coming?

There is a big difference between catering for an event of ten people and an event for 300 people. Having a close estimate as to the number of guests you plan on hosting is vital to determining your quote. Some Denver caterers even offer discounts for larger groups. When discussing the headcount, be sure to ask how the quote will change if, for example, only 100 of the 200 invited guests confirm.

What Type Of Catering Do You Need?

Do you want buffet style catering? Box lunches? Hors-d’oeuvres? Taco bars? BBQ catering? Different types of food and catering styles can require different staffing and skills. Though you don’t have to know exactly what you want when you begin looking for a caterer, to really lock down a price, it, of course, helps to have an idea. Regardless, superb catering companies can leverage their experience and expertise to make solid recommendations based on your desires and the purpose of your event.

What’s The Venue Like?

To get the best catering quote, it helps for your caterer to know where you’re planning on hosting your event. Will it be held in an office space? Residence? Outdoors? Answering this question helps determine what the catering company has to provide, and it will also provide an understanding of any possible restrictions the venue might have.

What’s Your Budget?

Though some may think that discussing your budget with a prospective caterer is a form of tipping your hand, this is not the case. A catering quote is not a negotiation. Caterers have set prices and are not looking to inflate the prices because of your budget. By being honest and direct with your budget expectations, your catering service can begin the collaboration process and help you find services and menus that are suitable for your event. They can suggest alternatives, look for creative solutions, and help to make your expectations a reality.

After you have answered all of these questions—or at least considered them and have an idea for each—you can then move on to the next step: contacting a caterer. When looking through your options of Denver caterers, be sure to check out our catering menu. With over 25 years of experience providing top-notch catering services, we are confident that we can provide the type of food and service that will wow your guests and make your event a success.