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After a night of celebrating a wedding or some other social gathering, nothing beats feasting on a collection of fun snacks and foods. Not only does this final gesture satisfy your guests’ late-night cravings, but it also has the capability of punctuating your event, creating a lasting impression that will stay with your guests for many years to come.

If you are in the process of planning your upcoming event, and you are trying to come up with some snack ideas for the end of the night, we at Pour La France! Catering would like to help you in this process. As one of the top Denver catering companies, we are passionate about using our expertise and experience to help facilitate a total event success. Contact us for all your catering needs.

Below are some sure ways to cap off your late-night event and send your guests home unhungry and smiling.


Ice Cream

Ice Cream Bar

A key part of planning is finding ways to elevate your event, allowing your guests to truly indulge in the special occasion. Very few food items signal this like a buffet-style ice cream bar stocked with loads of options. Offering your guests their favorite ice cream flavors along with endless toppings will allow for them to customize their late-night snack and walk out of the gathering smiling like a child. Reserve your ice cream bar now.


S’mores Bar

Have you ever met someone who didn’t like s’mores? If so, you might want to keep a close eye on that person—they must lie often. Of course, we’re kidding, but the point is: almost everyone likes s’mores. Not only does the preparation of a s’more make you feel giddy like a young camper, but sinking your teeth into a melted marshmallow and your favorite chocolate candy squished between graham crackers is a joyous experience, any time of the day. Learn more here.

Assorted French Macaroons

French Macarons

Delectable, convenient, and fun, a tray of French macarons can be the perfect addition to a snack station. Though they are not as interactive as an ice cream bar or s’mores bar, they do pair perfectly with some savory treats, like our pear and brie quesadillas. It’s the type of pairing that will allow your guests to jump back and forth between sweet and salty until they have satisfied their post-celebration cravings.

Popcorn Bar

Popcorn Bar

Regardless of whether you bring out the popcorn bar during the last hour of the reception or bag up individual servings for your guests as they exit, popcorn can be an ideal late-night snack. Perfect for the car ride home or to the next party location, we can tailor our popcorn bar to have a variety of sweet and salty options, as well as the possible addition of candy, nuts, and other toppings.    

Continental Breakfast

Breakfast and Coffee

If your wedding or event is expected to go into the wee hours of the night, consider giving your guests a head start on the next day by serving up some breakfast. This will be a smash-hit for all the guests who were maybe celebrating a little too hard. From cereal to a full-blown breakfast with bacon, pancakes, and eggs, we can help you send off your guests prepared to face the morning ahead. Have a look at our breakfast catering menu here.



Though this is often more of a main course meal, BBQ catering can be a good late-night snack. For example, perhaps you have a wedding reception where the bride and groom are split on the decision to get barbeque. Maybe it’s the groom’s favorite food, but the bride doesn’t think it’s a good idea to have their entire catering menu focus on BBQ. Here is where the late-night snack station comes into play. As your party is winding down, you can bring out some pulled pork sliders or a mini BBQ buffet and wow your guests. Check out our BBQ menu here!

Next time you’re planning a night event, don’t forget to include an end-of-the-night snack option. Regardless of whether you treat your parting guests to a savory bite or a sweet treat, the gesture speaks volume and can be just the thing you need to punctuate the success of your event.

Need help planning your late night snack? Contact the best in Denver catering—Pour La France! Catering.