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6 Characteristics of a Good Denver Catering Company

Great catering is more than just providing great food. In today’s blog, we at Pour la France! Catering would like to discuss this issue and highlight some of the key characteristics of a great catering company.

If you are in the process of planning an event and you are in need of top-notch Denver caterers, look no further than Pour la France! Catering. For over 28 years, we have been serving up superb food and providing above-and-beyond services and hospitality for people all over the Denver area. Whether you need BBQ catering, gourmet catering for a corporate event, or some snacks and hors-d’oeuvres for a social gathering, we’ve got you covered.

Learn more about us, check out our menu, and contact us today for more info or to begin customizing your catering menu. Below are some characteristics of great catering companies.

Exceptional Food

Great food is, of course, the first thing you want to look for in a caterer. Just as good food can elevate an event, bad food can ruin it. Reading reviews and taking note of word-of-mouth recommendations can be a great way to determine who has a reliably good catering menu. If you are looking for Denver caterers who serve up a wide array of delicious dishes, contact us!

Food Safety and Cleanliness

As with all the dining choices you make, cleanliness and proper preparation are essential factors. This is especially true when looking for caterers, who will be handling and serving up large quantities of food to all of your guests. Make sure that your prospective caterers have all the necessary certifications and a reputation for cleanliness.  


A unique and delicious catering menu has the power to make your event memorable and unique. However, some caterers do not value creativity. They are happy working within the box. If you are looking for Denver caterers who are always coming up with new seasonal creations and creative dishes, contact us! Let our unique creations help to make your event stand out.  


Good catering companies are professional, not just in their ability to prepare food but also in their service and personal treatment. When looking for a catering service, pay attention to everything from correspondence to how they treat you and all of your guests. Additionally, when searching for caterers, pay attention to reputation and make sure your that your chosen caterers have a friendly, sizeable, and reputable staff.


One of the great things about working with expert caterers, like us at Pour la France! Catering, is that you not only get scrumptious food and top-notch services, but you also get a dedicated partner—people who are committed to making your event a success. When you have this sort of arrangement, you can expect them to be able to not only adapt to your event space and individual needs, but you can also expect them to be comfortable adjusting for your budget.


Chances are the longer the catering company has been in business the smoother the event will go. Catering companies who have been in business for years and years have likely seen about every kind of event, which also means they are accustomed to adapting their services to provide the most impact. At Pour la France! Catering, we are incredibly proud to say that for over 28 years we have been providing the Denver area with sensational catering, and in this time, we have seen nearly every kind of event. Let us leverage our experience and expertise to make your event a success!

Check out our catering menu and contact us today to set up your Denver catering.


Event Planning Tips—Entertaining All Ages

So it’s official—your event has a date and is officially on the books. Congratulations! However, as you likely already know (or are quickly figuring out) party planning is no easy feat. Simply picking the date and sending out the invitations is just the beginning of what will become the long, potentially stressful process of reservations, decoration choices, seating arrangements, equipment rentals, catering, and a myriad of other decisions that can feel overwhelming. In today’s blog, we at Pour la France! Catering are going to address one key aspect of party planning: entertaining guests of all ages (also, as one of Denver’s best catering companies, we also might have to mention the importance of treating your guests to delicious catering).

Entertaining Toddlers

If you are hosting a social event, like say a picnic or social gathering for all ages, it is important to have some ways of entertaining everyone, especially the kids. We’ve all witnessed the intensity of a toddler meltdown and how—to be frank—distracting and annoying they can be. To prevent these meltdowns from happening and to win over the approval of parents, set up some simple games for toddlers. The following are some potential ideas:

  • Bubbles
  • Simon Says
  • Painting
  • Chalk
  • Coloring

Entertaining Children

Though often easier to entertain than toddlers, children who are in the 5 to 12 age group still require entertainment. Plus, an event full of bored children is not in the equation for a successful event. To relieve the pressure placed on parents and to prevent bored children from wandering the facility in search of amusement, try out some of these game ideas:  

  • Duck, Duck, Goose
  • Obstacle Course
  • Hide and Seek
  • Races

Entertaining Teens

It’s fair to say that regardless of the subject or how much thought and time goes into the planning, there are always some people who will roll their eyes at having to attend certain events. Teenagers will almost always be in that group. When trying to entertain teenagers, you will always run into the risk that regardless of how great the event, games, or activities are, they will still be unimpressed. To better your chances of entertaining this reliably hard-to-impress age group, consider giving these following games and activities a try:

Entertaining Adults

Whether you are organizing a corporate event, private party, birthday party, or some other social gathering, it’s good to offer entertainment. Although it’s likely that your guests will be wholly entertained by chatting each other up, we shouldn’t always count on this. Additionally, when you provide your adult guests with some interactive entertainment and games, you help facilitate conversation and relationship building. The following are some game ideas for adults:

  • Giant Jenga
  • Professional Entertainers
  • Volleyball (weather and outdoor space permitting)
  • Casino Night
  • Superb Catering (what adult isn’t entertained by a delicious meal?)

When it comes to entertainment, the options are seemingly endless. These are just a few ideas, and we hope that they have inspired you during your party planning process. Also, just as bad entertainment can spoil the success of an event, so can catering. Delicious catering can turn a mediocre event into an excellent event. If you find yourself online searching “catering Denver”, look no further than Pour la France! Catering. We are one of Denver’s top catering companies with over 25 years of experience. We are passionate about providing superior food, unrivaled service, and above-and-beyond hospitality.

Learn more about us, check out our menu, and contact us to book your catering or with any questions.

How To Throw A Mardi Gras Party—Tips From Your Denver Caterers

Mardi Gras is just weeks away (this year the biggest day of the celebration, Fat Tuesday, will be on Tuesday, February 13.). If you are unable to make it down to New Orleans for the “greatest free show on Earth”, we here at Pour la France Catering are here to offer you some tips for throwing the perfect Mardi Gras party.

As the proud owners of one of the best catering companies in Denver, the only thing we love more than a good celebration is adding to the celebration with superb catering. Check out our catering menu, learn about us, and contact us today!

What Is Mardi Gras?

Also called Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras refers to the Carnival celebrations that begin after the Christian Feast of the Epiphany and culminate the day before Ash Wednesday. The name Mardi Gras is French and means “Fat Tuesday”—a name that reflects all of the heavy and rich eating that occurs before the fasting of the Lenten season begins. It is a holiday that is celebrated all over the world, with each city offering a unique take on the celebration. Some cities with the most well-known festivities include New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, Barranquilla, and many more!

Tips for Throwing a Successful Mardi Gras Party

Mardi Gras Decor

Mardi gras is a vibrant celebration. Although you will likely see all the colors of the rainbow at a party, purple, green, and gold are the traditional colors of the holiday. When creating the atmosphere for your party, get the essentials: beads, doubloons—the little aluminum coin-like objects that often bear the symbol of the float krewes—and gold, purple, and green lights. Beads are not only a necessary part of a costume, but they are also great decorations that can be hung from the ceiling, furniture, windows, and everywhere and anywhere!

Mardi Gras Costumes

One of the great things about the Mardi Gras tradition is costumes. It’s a key part of the celebration, and as a rule, the wilder the costume, the better.  Encourage your guests to come to the party in Mardi Gras garb. For those who are not big on dressing up and wearing costumes, bedeck them in something simple like a feather boa, masquerade mask, crazy wig, or at the very least, some beads.

Mardi Gras Music

New Orleans is a music city. The presence of music is so strong that you don’t even have to seek it out. By simply being in the city, you’ll be exposed to the musical spirit of the Big Easy. This, however, won’t be the case if you are throwing a Mardi Gras party, say in Denver. To help create the feel, soundtrack your party with some traditional New Orleans music, like zydeco, New Orleans brass and jazz, swing, and other Big Easy favorites. To help you get started on your party playlist, check out some of these Mardi Gras staples: “Carnival Time” by Al Johnson and “When the Saints Go Marching in” by Louis Armstrong.

Mardi Gras Food

Like most big holidays, food is crucial to Mardi Gras, especially if you want to celebrate Mardi Gras—New Orleans style. Right along with music, food is a pillar of New Orleans culture. Therefore, If you really want to capture the true spirit of the festival and the spirit of New Orleans culture, you need to serve up delicious, authentic Cajun food. Dishes like jambalaya, beans, shrimp po-boys, hurricanes, and King Cake raised donuts are perfect items to add to a Fat Tuesday menu!

Not sure you have the time or ability to create some sensational New Orleans grub? Contact your go-to Denver caters! Check out our Fat Tuesday special!

Mardi Gras is a holiday rich with tradition, culture, music, food, and fun. If you want to curate the vibe of this truly unique celebration, follow these tips. And remember, if you really want to celebrate Fat Tuesday, you have to serve up some truly delicious food. As Denver caterers with a love for Cajun food, we would be honored to partner with you and make your Mardi Gras party a success. Check out our Bourbon Street buffet, our full catering menu, and contact us today with any questions!